About Horacio Godoy

Horacio “El Pebete” Godoy is a renowned and established Tango dancer, teacher, producer, choreographer and Tango DJ.

He started his Tango career in 1991 and worked in the most prestigious tango clubs of Buenos Aires.

He is also known as the founder and director of one of the largest and most famous tango venues today in Argentina, “La Viruta”.

He has been part of many famous tango companies, such as Forever Tango, Tango Argentino, Tanguera and Chantecler Tango.

With Tango Argentino he has participated in their spectacular company’s closing show staged in the center of Buenos Aires in front of 20,000 people.

Horacio has been travelling the world, teaching Tango, performing in over 38 countries, participating in over 100 international festivals and DJing at the best milongas in Buenos Aires. He has produced two Tango CDs (“Ojos de Tango and “Esteban Morgado”) and is currently working on the third one.

Horacio’s teaching methodology focuses on musicality and dynamics and his dance is extremely engaging, expressive and rhythmical.

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